About Us

About Our Group


Our group formed in the early 90's when the 3rd Purley and 28th Purley, each based at opposite ends of Lower Road in Kenley, merged. Originally based in the old Church Hall of St. James' Church, their two respective Cubs leaders, Peter Pearce and Paul Bates, ran the new 11th Purley Cubs section together. Alan Bradshaw, who later took on the role of Group Scout Leader, ran the Scout section. The 28th Purley Beavers, one of the first official Beaver colonies in the UK, also merged into the group, run by its inaugural section leader, Kathy Bradshaw.

Since 2016 we have held our meetings at the 19th Purley Headquarters in Wickenden Hall, off Mitchley Hill, South Croydon.

Our current team are

Group Scout Leader - Philip Seaman

Scout Leader - Merlin Golder

Cub Scout Leader - Paul Bates

They are assisted by a team of assistant section leaders, young leaders, parent helpers and other volunteers.

Typically, the 11th Purley organises at least 3 camps a year as well as numerous visits and weekend activities. In addition to weekly meetings, activities and camps, some of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts take part in Church Parade, along with the 16th Purley Rainbows and Brownies, who, like ourselves, are sponsored by St James Church.

The strong bond between the sections, plus the invaluable support received from helpers and parents has allowed children to try activities and learn skills they might not otherwise have thought they could do. Over the years, we've seen children progress from Beavers to Cubs to Scouts, with some going on to become Young Leaders themselves.